Monica Kazmier


I am an independent college consultant who applies my extensive experience in college counseling to each of my clients.  As a college counselor in two college preparatory high schools, I assisted hundreds of students with the discovery of their unique path to college and successfully guided them through their college application process.  With the therapeutic skills from my clinical license in hand, I actively listened and engaged students and provided a supporting role as they and their families managed the sometimes complex and overwhelming process.  Adding to an eight year foundation of college information, I actively visit campuses, interview representatives, and attend webinars and conferences, which keep me current on college programs, student life, and scholarships.


“After one conversation with Ms. Kazmier, I felt a greater sense of confidence and direction with my college application process.” – Kate, 2013, University of Edinburgh


I believe clients need assistance with one or two aspects of the college application process, while others seek longer term guidance. I empathize with those who wish to augment what their high school counselor is offering. A former college counselor, I know there are competent high school counselors who provide quality college counseling. I can enhance their services by solely focusing on college information and offering tailored sessions when students want them. I value choice and therefore offer hourly and a package option. I believe choice allows my clients control over the services they want and how they choose to spend their limited and valuable time. I also believe hourly and package services offer parents the choice to provide valuable college assistance to their child while maintaining peace of mind about its cost.Respecting my clients’ interests, my goal is to work at a pace that is appropriate for them. With this in mind, I purposely maintain a smaller practice so my clients feel I not only appreciate them, but know them well. [/one_half]


My goal is to pair my clients with an appropriate range of colleges, expand their colleges of interest to reveal other undiscovered options, accompany them through the application process, and bolster their excitement about their ultimate college decision.


I am friendly, casual and highly professional. The excitement that I feel about this phase in my clients’ lives is tangible. I am naturally driven to be responsive and efficient.


I offer necessary weekday and weekend hours for students involved in co-curriculars, which they value and which colleges review for admissions. Students find it challenging to receive college counseling during school hours because co-curriculars meet before and/or after school, or during their valuable lunch period. Even if a school’s policy allows students to leave class, students nowadays do not want to miss for fear of falling behind.

Key Players.

I think there are three integral and equally important parties involved in the process – the student, the parents, and the consultant. Through the sharing of ideas and communicating, everyone has a voice and with an open conversation, active participation and consultant counsel my clients will attain their college goals.