University of California Berkeley, August 2013

University of California Berkeley, August 2013

I offer an extensive list of services. Whether you wish to work hourly or elect a ten hour package is up to you.  My business ethos is flexibility and consideration for your needs and overall cost in the college preparation and application process.

Meet ‘n Greet – A free 30 minute meeting either over the phone or in person allowing me to introduce myself and my services and to learn what the needs of both the client and family are.

“College is my Future”:  An info-sharing session for college-minded 7th or 8th grade clients and/or parents.
Topics covered:

– current school classes and activities
– how to structure classes and activities for high school
– a general overview of the college application process

This service can be a discussion geared for both client and parents together or for parents alone.

Starter “Prep” Service:  Geared for 9th or 10th graders who want to prepare for college in their 9th or 10th grade.

This service will cover:

– current class evaluation
– class selection for the following school year
– evaluation of current activities and those for the next academic year
– evaluation of standardized test scores to date
– general overview of the college application process


College List Service: This is designed for clients who already have a good understanding of the college application process and only desire assistance with building an initial list of colleges. Discussions will focus on colleges the client is already interested in and desired college attributes. An initial list of colleges will be identified as potential colleges for future college application. The narrowing down of this list into a final list will be completed by the client.

Essay/Personal Statement Service: A service designed for clients who want assistance with the essay/personal statement part of the college application. Ideas/topics will be generated and developed. After a rough draft review, and a final product will be completed.

Senior Year Applications Service:  This is designed for the senior year student who already has his/her college list created and only wants assistance with the applications.
Guidance will be offered on:

– getting applications organized
– setting deadlines
– essay/personal statement guidance
– discussion about standardized tests if applicable

Interview Preparation Service:  A service that covers preparation for college interviews, tips on interviewing and practice.

Transcript Evaluation & Class Selection Service:  This can be utilized by 9, 10, and 11th graders who want a review of their current school transcript and have a discussion about trends and their class selection for the next academic year.

“Stay the Course!” Senior Year Maintenance Service:  This is for a senior who wants guidance either on how to stay on track academically, or on how to keep the momentum and enthusiasm going for the college of his/her college choice.

College Transfer Service:  This is designed for the college-level client who is intending to transfer.  Service will include discussion and identification of new college setting.

Client and/or Parent Sessions: As needed, hourly sessions with a therapeutic perspective for clients and/or parents who desire my clinical skills for issues brought on by the application process.