“Ms. Kazmier was able to provide a clear and accurate assessment of my application… This understanding led to a less muddled, more focused choice of applications to come my senior year,allowing me to focus on my senior year studies and enjoy the process as a whole.”

Kate, Illinois Student
University of Edinburgh, 2013


“KCC provided individual attention that we didn’t feel we were getting…It helped [him] focus in on the type of school [he] was really interested in attending.  As a parent, I REALLY appreciated the meeting updates…it was so nice to be informed about what was going on so I could reinforce what needed to be done at home.  We really appreciated that you took so much time getting to know [him].”

Meg, Illinois Parent, 2014


“Ms. Kazmier helped create reachable goals so we could stay on track. Each essay was treated with patience until it was completed to its best potential. Although Ms.Kazmier gave very constructive inputs, she also made sure the student kept their voice and did not over step during the writing process.”

Gray, Illinois Student, 2014


“Kazmier College Consulting was very effective because it helped me efficiently complete my essays.  Because I am trying to apply early to all of my schools deadlines are very important to me and I’m not sure I would of been able to complete the essays in time if it wasn’t for Kazmier College Consulting’s assistance.”

Cam, Illinois Student, 2014


Ms. Kazmier was incredibly helpful throughout the entire transfer process. She assisted me in identifying the schools that best matched my interests, offered guidance on how to most effectively approach my essays, and was easily accessible when I needed to ask her one of my many questions. She was always organized and her expertise helped streamline the process. Without Ms. Kazmier’s help, I definitely would not have been able to achieve the results that I did. I am very grateful I was able to work with her.

William, Illinois Student, 2017